Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is here!

It's the most wonderful time of the year AND it's the scariest time of the year because of all the food land mines. Everywhere you look people are pushing candies, cookies, cakes, champagne, wines, cordials,....lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

Today at my company, we are having an all employee holiday lunch celebration. It is being catered by a very popular local diner. The menu promises hamburgers, onion rings and milk shakes. Everyone is super excited EXCEPT me!

So I did what I have learned is a successful best practice...I brought my lunch and will eat before going to the party so I will be able to resist the onion rings and the milk shakes....because who doesn't like a good onion ring or 10??? :-)

I also have a department holiday dinner and dinner with good friends and the list goes on. So - I have assessed the "landmines" and have selected when and where I will indulge because I simply CANNOT eat poor food choices at all of these events.

Of course, this strategy works everyday of the year, it is just that during this holiday season, there are an extreme amount of temptations. I vow to stay strong and focused. I will reach January having shed another 4 pounds in December (1 per week)!

What are you planning to do to not sabotage your own journey in December?

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