Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just When You Thought......

I worked out with my trainer, Kathi, this morning.  I started out on the cross trainer for 40 minutes to warm up and get a little sweat going.  Then Kathi put me through my paces for about 45 minutes.  I am still only doing lower body and abs.  I am rehabbing my elbow tendonitis.  It is slowly getting better.  It takes a lot of patience...I haven't lifted a weight in 5 weeks!!!!

But I digress......just when I thought I had done every ab exercise variation known to human kind, I learned I was wrong! 

This morning, Kathi had me do a new ab!  Try this one - lay on your back, both legs straight out in front of you.  Keep your hands by your side,  Lift your head and shoulders so you feel a good amount of tension in your upper abs.  Then keeping your legs straight, lift both legs off the floor about 6 inches.  Then lift one leg up and down from 6 inches off the floor to about 12 inches off the floor.  Do 15 reps with one leg, then switch.  Keep your head and shoulders up and tension in your upper abs the whole time you are lifting and lowering your legs.

It was awesome and quite challenging!  Try'll like it!

Desire to keep being challenged.  Dedication to our exercise.  Discipline to keep your head and shoulders off the ground through the whole ab series.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Searching for Unclaimed Treasure

A good friend of mine showed me where to look online to fine unclaimed property that the goverment is holding.  So, I went online and found that I am owed $4.65!  Of course, that is a very small amount (I am still submitting to received it for just the price of a stamp) but at least I can buy a cup of Starbucks when I get the check.  :-)

I kept looking and found $300 for my parents, $50 for my sister and almost $1,000 for one of my brothers. For another brother, I found $.04.....sorry JR!

It dawned on me that this could be a parallel for finding unclaimed treasure on our healthy journey.  So, today during my yoga practice, I took the time to really look inside to see what I could find.  Amazing what you can see when you pause long enough to look.  I found that I am continuing to fall deeper in love with myself, even at the age where I find myself today.  In fact, I think we have to travel to where we are to find ourselves, where we are. 

The journey inside is even richer and more worthwhile than the external journey we are on.  The deeper we travel within, the greater the riches we can find.  I hope you spend time to look inside and really appreciate your fullness, the light you bring to this world, the kindness you share with others, the richness of the depth of your goodness.  Now, fall in love all over again with yourself and share that love with others.

Desire to travel to the inner beauty.  Dedication to appreciate what you find.  Discipline to pause long enough to go within.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Scenery Is Invigorating!

Instead of the gym this morning, hubbie and I drove over to Coronado and parked at Fiddlers Cove, then walked south for 2 miles on the Silver Strand, before turning around.  It was a beautiful sunny windy morning with the spectacular pacific ocean on our right and the glorious San Diego bay on our

For those of you who do not know the Silver Strand, it is a a narrow piece of land that connects Coronado "island" (really an isthmus) to the southern most part of San Diego county (right next to Mexico), called Imperial Beach.  When it was developed/paved, some brilliant forward thinking person created a nice wide path completely out of the traffic for pedestrians/bikes/roller bladers.  It is so wonderful to be able to exercise surrounded by such beauty, fresh air and unending views. 

The view of Point Loma to the west and north was amazing because it was crystal clear and you could see both lighthouses, the one at the bottom of the point and the old preserved one at the top of the point.  STUNNING!!!

We walked 4.2 miles in an hour, a respectable time to be sure.  I am sure we accomplished our goal of healthy cardiovascular exercise.  I know it was healthier to be out in the fresh air instead of the gym.  I feel invigorated and motivated to return again soon for a repeat, maybe going a lot further on a bike ride next time.

Why not grab your Valentine and find some new scenery and breathe in the fresh air and new perspective!

Desire to breathe deeply.  Dedication to seek out inspiring new scenery.  Discipline to go at least an hour.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!

Did everyone get out to do their morning exercise so that you can enjoy this silly day guilt free?  I heard a statistic that more avocados are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.  Presumably this is because of all the guacamole. 

We are one of the few guacamole free households today!  We have just returned from a wonderful weekend in Santa Barbara where I had a few treats (really, just a few) so we are not going "big" to watch the game.  In fact, I have just settled in with a glass of iced decaf coffee, with some almond silk and stevia to sweeten it.  Along side I am going to enjoy some soy crisps...yummy!  Since I don't care about the game, my plan is to do yoga while the game is on and then watch the commercials and the half time show!

So, that is how we roll with it in my house.  I hope whatever you are doing, you are having fun, enjoying yourself and doing something that serves you!

Desire to enjoy life.  Dedication to honoring your needs.Disciplne to moderate indulgence with deprivation.