Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One More Challenge

I am not sure what energy is following me this year, but another major event occurred that is a major stressor!

On Sunday night, Mom fell, fractured her trochanter (pper end of the femur) and had surgery on Monday night to fix it. Dad called me and we were there in a flash, loaded her into the ambulance, spent most of the night in the ER then had another very late night Monday because the surgery was at night.

I am very thankful that she did not need a complete hip replacement. She will bounce back much quicker from this surgical fix. But it is another pretty big stress point this year! Between grandmother, brother, husband and now Mom...I hope I am done for the year!!!

I did manage to get in a workout on Monday night while waiting for the surgery. I was home last night in time to do a 40 minute neighborhood walk with one bug hill. I know, that is a very light workout for me, but tonight I will have my butt kicked by my trainer to make up for it!

I honestly don't think I could have successfully navigated the first 3 months of this year without staying true to my workouts. The stress relief alone from the exercise is major. Also fueling the machine (me) with proper nutrition enables me to keep up the energy to do the workouts.

The doc said Mom (age 80) was a perfect candidate for full recovery because of her terrific muscle tone - she goes to the gym 3-4 times a week plus does a lot of walking. So get out there and keep exercising!!!

Desire to maintain excellent physical health and conditioning, dedication to fit it all in no matter what else is swirling around you and discipline to get your mind and butt in gear!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Breakthrough 2 Report

So I weighed in yesterday morning and was 2 pounds down which is really a net loss of 1 pound because of the previous week's upswing. I'll take it any way I can get it! At this point I am fighting for every ounce that I can coax off of my body! All the experts say that the closer you get to your goal weight, the harder it is to shed pounds. A very smart friend told me that the researchers have found that the body needs to feel safe in order to let go of weight. An interesting time for me for sure!

I recalculated my BMR. At my current weight, I can have 1,400 calories a day in order to loose 1 pound a week. I am on it!

Yesterday Allen and I went to watch my friend and trainer, Kathi, in her 1/2 Ironman. We followed her on the 13.1 mile run course. SHE WAS AMAZING! As she crossed the finish line, after swimming more than a mile, riding her bike 56+ miles and runnung a half marathon, she was smiling and looking strong! It was fabulous watching the more than 2,500 runners. There was every type of athlete. The challenged athletes were by far the most inspirational. I was glad we went to see it all!

Desire to stay the course, dedication to be true to yourself and discipline to train for the long haul 'cuz you will need it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol - "Hip and Upscale"

Yesterday I had a fun adventure. I went with a girlfriend to a taping of American Idol. We had a GREAT time! The show attracts all kinds of humanity from soup to nuts. The "audience instructions" clearly stated the rules to get into the taping, including no heels or open toed shoes of any kind. Wear only closed toed flat shoes.

They also said no denim or any kind, no white clothing, no shorts, no logo wear and a few other rules. They suggested dressing in dark colored clothes that are "hip and upscale as if you were going out to dinner". I wore black pants, black jacket and a hot pink tank with a really cool necklace and hot pink Coach flat shoes.

So, Lorie (my adventure buddy) and I were very interested to see other people's choices. It was a hoot! OMG there was every fashion faux paus imaginable. Clearly, many of the people in the audience did not have a mirror in their home!

To be fair, there were people who looked like normal well-dressed people, many accompanied by their young children. Then there was the category of folks who you just had to glance over to see if you saw what you thought you were seeing!!! I'm talking WAY too much skin showing, way to many ripply bits exposed, ripped nylons, clothes that may have fit when they were a teen but clearly not anymore, mini skirts on people who should have had on a long flowy skirt....where are Stacey and Clinton when you need them????

What does this have to do with fitness or nutrition, you may be asking??? Well, our outer shell is what we cover in clothes and what we present to the world as ourselves. I am simply grateful that I am working on my outer shell so that I have more choices on how to cover it.

Desire to look our best, dedication to find clothes that suit us whereever we are in life and the discipline to know how to put it all together for different events in our lives!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Patience PLEASE!

I had a great week. I monitored everything and had some killer workouts BUT.....I didn't lose anything this week. IN FACT, when I weighed in this morning, I had gained a &$%#(*@& pound!

It must be the stress of worrying about Allen, it couldn't be anything else! I normally only weigh once a week, but I am tempted to get on the scale again in the morning to see if it was just a fluke. I'll let you know!

I had a great yoga session this morning. It was very calming and I am glad I did it! Tomorrow morning is an hour of weights and 30 minutes of cardio.....

For dinner tonight I roasted a chicken with lemon, an ear of corn and a nice green salad with lemon and olive oil drizzle. Medjohl dates for desert. Yummy!!!

I hope your weekend is going great!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something Fun to Share!

I was so tickled this morning when I opened email to read a message from a friend of mine who is travelling in Asia. She, too, is fitness-minded and said that it has been tough making good food choices on her trip.

Here's is what made me laugh - she said she is always asking herself...."What would Patty eat?"

Perhaps we should make up wristbands with WWPE on them to help us all rememebr to make good food choices!

Cracking up here!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a Week!

This has been a very full week! I successfully shed another pound - at 64 now! Yay!

I've been focused on giving Allen the help he needs, supporting thr famaily and staying on top of what is needed at work.

It has been interesting to me how easy it would be to forget my routine in the name of taking care of Allen. BUT, he reminds me how important it is to maintain my workouts even though he can't do his right now. I think about how difficult it must be for people who care for small children everyday!

God bless all of you who have been so supportive!

Desire to help loved ones, dedication to stay focused on personal goals and discipline to keep it going in the right direction!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

IBFIT Bites!

First of all, I shed 1.5 pounds this week...YAY! I am now at 63 pounds down and counting!

I'm writing today to tell you about a wonderful new source of nutrition in my life. I want you all to have some too!!! My trainer, Kathi Potts, has been experimenting with recipes for nutrition bars. She and I had been sharing ideas and she has created an awesome new approach to nutrition "bars". Her email address is I may have mentioned before that she is a 5 time Ironman athelete with countless marathons, half Ironman races and a zillion triathalons. She is simpy an elite level athelete along with being an awesome fitness coach to me and others. She was experimenting with recipes that would fuel her for her grueling workouts. She has hit on an awesome winner!!!!

So she created a "bar" that is bite size. She packages them in bags of different sizes. Each piece is about 1"x1". 4-5 "bites" equals about 100 calories. So I portion them out for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks portions. The "bites" are gluten free, dairy free, very low fat and very low sugar. She makes them with oatmeal, peanut butter, seeds, dried fruit, and some nuts. She sweetens with brown rice syrup (my idea!) which has a low glycemic index.

They taste amazing! Let me know if you want to try them. Kathi and I are planning to move towards commercialization of the IBFIT Bites! An exciting journey ahead!

Desire, determination and discipline - hope it pays off with our upcoming venture!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hubby has a broken wing!

My beautiful healthy husband had an accident while racing on Sunday and has to have his right shoulder repaired by surgery tomorrow morning. He is a trooper, but is in much pain. I am looking forward to a successful surgery and a positive rehab for him!

Just one more stressor in the healthy journey. I am pleased to report that I have not skipped a workout and do not plan to do so. I take care of him, leave him propped up at home and go to the gym! He is a love and very supportive of my not missing a workout!

Also, I don't want him to gain weight while his activity is curtailed so I am being careful about his nutritional intake, which keeps me focused too!

A quick side note - on Sunday morning, right before I received his call about the accident and rushed to go pick him up, I had been at the gym taking an advanced step class followed by a weight class. I thought I would do something new to try to shake up my body again. I used to take step all the time, but it has been at least 7 years since I have done a step class. It was really fun and funny! The first 15 minutes of the class became progressively more complex until I reached a point and simply admitted I had to do my own thing because I couldn't follow the overthe top/mambo/lateral leap/aroundtheworld/wideangle combinations any more! What fun though, I plan to return to this class and keep taking it until I can master all the advanced steps again! Good news, the weight class was really easy by comparison!

The desire to try new things, dedication and discipline to give yourself room to learn and grow!!!