Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack! more ways than one!  Allen and I had a wonderful trip to the wilds of Peru.  We visited Cuzco, Urubamba, Aguas Calientes (at the base of Machu Picchu) and of course, Machu Picchu.  We had a very memorable journey and will carry many wonderful memories with us always.

Before we left, our doctor made sure all of our immunizations were up to date, my sister prepared a homeopathic remedy to help us ward off altitude sickness and we loaded up on all sorts of meds we thought we could need.  As it turned out, we did not experience any travelers sickness.  Our doctor warned us off of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our friends, who are living in Brazil, warned us off of any pork products.  So we didn't think it would be a fattening trip, with lots of hiking in the Machu Picchu park to compensate!

It turned out that the only problem we had was that my back acted up, so I didn't get to do as much hiking as I had hoped.  Still, we had an awesome journey, including the Orient Express train from Cuzco to Aguas Calientes.  It is an oh so civilized way to travel!

Our hotels were luxurious with excellent dining and service.  The spas were terrific!  And we met our friends from Brazil in Aguas Calientes, Cuzco and Lima!  So fun!

Machu Picchu itself was literally other worldly.  No superlative can describe what it is like to be standing on top of those mountains, so high up, where Inkas once lived, roamed and ruled.  All I can say is that they had to have been one fit tribe of people to be able to live in the Andes.  I will carry with me the extreme steepness of the mountains.  INCREDIBLE!!!  It seems like all we did was drink water all day long.  The altitude is extreme and hydration is key!

Now that we are back, we are focused on the "kale and water" diet, not literally, but definitely not far off.  I am applying calorie restriction to shed some weight.  It feels really good! 

The holidays have snuck up on us again. I hope you are looking forward to a season of love and health and moderation.  Remember to get rest and stay hydrated!

Desire to vacation in fun places.  Dedication to travel safely.  Discipline to come home again!  :-)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Future Is Bright!

Yesterday, Allen and I hung out with Emily, one of our nieces.  She is a recent college graduate, who moved from Wisconsin to San Diego to begin her professional life.  When I think about her energy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment to her values, I smile and thing our future is bright!  So many of our nieces, nephews and children of our friends are in exactly the same category.  I am filled with pride when I think of all of them!!!

We had so much fun with Emily, just talking, joking, sharing stories, eating dinner and ending up in the Jacuzzi.  Everything is new, bright and shiny through her eyes.  First "real" job, first car, etc. etc.  Allen said he could tell that I like being around her and our other nieces too.  He is right.  I feel honored to have the chance to help influence their healthy happy journeys.  I am humbled by their intelligence and beauty.  I wonder, did I have as much composure when I was 23?  I doubt it!  Did I know as much about nutrition and movement at 23?  I don't think so.  The "Emilys" in my life seem so much better connected and informed than I was at 23.  Of course, when I was 23, the internet had not even been invented!  Literally.  :-)

When I listen to the news, I can get down about all the issues and problems in our world.  Instead, I choose to focus my energy on the promise of a better future because of all of the positive bright young minds who are just beginning.  We have every reason to stay motivated and healthy to help others shape a better future.  Our future really is bright.

Desire to help shape and influence for a healthy happy journey.  Dedication to be there for others.  Discipline to stay a positive role model.