Friday, December 4, 2009

Weighing In on Saturday Morning.....

So, I have established a routine where I weigh myself once a week on Saturday mornings. There is so much debate about how often to step on the scale. One of my personal breakthroughs was actually making friends with my scale. For a long time, I avoided the scale because the scale was not my friend. Then one day, I simply stepped on the scale and accepted that IIWII = it is what it new favorite acronym! Then as I began shedding pounds, I actually looked forward to Saturday mornings because I could see evidence that my efforts were successful.

Some of my friends say they weigh every morning. Others say twice a week. Others say once a month. You get the idea....each of us must decide what works for us and simply do it! I encourage everyone to use the scale as a measure of your journey, along with taking your waist measurement. My waist is now 11 inches smaller than this time last year. That makes me happy.

So, tomorrow morning, I will wake up and hop naked onto the scale and hope for the best...another pound gone forever!

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