Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who Is Watching the Emmy's Today?

My sis and I have this thing where we watch the award shows and text each other when we like an outfit that a star is wearing. Since we live in different cities, it is a fun way to share an afternoon.

I love watching the arrivals of the Emmy's or Oscars, just to see what the stars are wearing. I am always struck by how unbelievably skinny most of the women are. Then there is the occasional "plus" size actor who is probably just a size 12. Even though it is 2010 and we are supposed to be a a more forward thinking society, there is still a massive pressure for women to be thin, not healthy, but thin.

The size of the industry to support "thin" is massive. We continue to be bombarded by countless images, including the Emmy arrivals, of super thin women presented as a positive. I even saw something on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras (no, I did not watch the whole thing) where a tiny little girl was getting spray tanned and said her Mommy taught her that if you can't tone it, tan it......WTF? A little girl being taught that??????

So, my focus today while watching the Emmy's will be to enjoy the fashion and not the unrealistic size of many of the women.

BTW, I only gained 2 pounds while on vacation and I will take it off! It was totally worth it!

Desire to be as healthy as I can be. Dedication to staying in touch with reality. Discipline to keep on track with healthy eating to fuel the machine and exercise to tone the machine!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Returning to Reality

The new picture was taken off the coast of Port Douglas, Australia. Yes, that is a gold Speedo suit I am wearing! So fun!

My vacation is officially over beginning which time I will fully be back on my full program. For the final few days I am easing back into my proper eating plan and exercise routine.

When we landed on Thursday, I jumped right back into the gym for an hour of sweaty hard cardio. On Friday, I met with my trainer and had my butt appropriately was fun! This morning, I enjoyed my normal Saturday yoga. I find it very easy and comforting to jump right back into my exercise routine.

I have throttled back on the alcoholic beverages. I really enjoyed them on vacation, mostly wine and champagne, but I do not crave them on an everyday basis. I guess I am lucky for that!

What I indulged in mostly was breads, muffins, croissants and sugar. On Monday I will go back to being super careful with those foods. They are definitely my trigger foods.

All things in moderation!

Thanks to all of you, for being out there for me. It helps me to be accountable to myself and to you as I continue the journey!

Desire to be true to my healthy journey. Dedication to continuing to learn more about myself. Discipline to deal with my triggers in a healthy way!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holiday Paradise!

Great news to report! We are flying home from another spot of paradise on our planet. Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef was AMAZING! As I got dressed this morning to fly home, I pulled on my size 8 cropped pants that I wore on the flight over. I was very happy that they zipped up and buttoned quite nicely!

I have indulged in many extra vacation calories and was prepared to have these pants be tight, but they were not! Yay! In addition to the vacation treats, I swam a lot, everyday, and yesterday we walked out butts off! What a perfect exceptional vacation! I will post a new photo as soon as we have a chnace to download all the digitals!

Vacations were meant for indulgence. I will go back to my normal pattern very soon!

Desire to experience life to its fullest! Discipline to know when to let go and when to hang on! Dedication to treating yourself well, because you are worth it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time to Enjoy and Accept

I had a revelation this weekend. I have been very focused on loosing my final 14 pounds, while rationalizing that I wasn't loosing because I was learning how to maintain. Well, after another week has passed with no weight loss. So, reassessing, I am finally ready to accept "what is" instead of what "might be".....what I mean is that I am ready to truly sit in gratitude for my accomplishments and celebrate how far I have come.

Acceptance and "being in the moment" are such simple concepts that they are easy to skip right over. And yet, embracing "what is" and learning to be in the moment of your life, is what provides so much richness to our lives!

So for now, I am fully present and completely grateful for what is. I am healthy, I am motivated to continue on my healthy journey (good nutrition choices and focused exercise) and I am surrounded by love and abundance.

What more could a girl ask for? NOTHING!

Desire to be and stay in the present. Dedication to recognition and gratitude for what is. Discipline to stay away from future focus at the expense of the present beautiful reality of life!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

How can it be that it is Sunday morning already? This weekend is a very full weekend. Friends in from LA, brother and nephew here from NY, brother down from Ventura, niece in from Wisconson and birthday party for Dad and nephew......all jammed into one weekend. So you will understand if I don't spend too much time on this blog.

Just wanted to check in to say that in spite of all the things competing for my attention this weekend, I still managed to do an hour of cardio yesterday and my full 2 hour workout this morning, before going to the birthday party this afternoon!

Last night I served raw veges and hummus, edamame in the pod, rice crisps, grilled pork, grilled ears of corn, grilled wheat pitas and a cucumber cabbage salad. Desert was fresh pineapple from Maui, and boy was it good!!

The birthday party is serving lasagna, which I will not eat. I also will pass on the cake and ice cream. I am conserving calories for my upcoming vacation.....hurray!

Desire to have fun with family and friends. Dedication to planning food choices to avoid caloric sabotage. Discipline to include exercise no matter what the time challenges might be!