Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Happy Holiday Parade

Saturday night was the annual Encinitas Christmas parade. It is a fun hometown goofy type of parade. No big floats, just marching Indian princesses, boy scout troops and the local dog walking club.

The parade has become an annual tradition for my husband and I, my parents and other local family members. In years past, we always buy a few yummy local pizzas and consume hot adult beverages that we bring from home. This year was much the same...the big difference for me was that I ate a big salad (no dressing) and had 1 (as in singular) slice of pizza and a Sobe Lean drink. I thoroughly enjoyed the parade, my dinner and everyone's company. What I am trying to say is that I did not eat multiple pieces of pizza, which we all know rapidly racks up calories, sodium, and fat grams!

Similarly, today Allen and I made a batch of cookies for a dinner party next weekend. I had ONE. It tasted good. I revelled in my ability to stop after one!

I also bought a food scale today and just to recalibrate, weighed several things to remind myself about portion control. I had purchased some jumbo apples at the store yesterday and was curious how many ounces they were and the subsequent calories. One apple weighed 15 ounces, which equals about 240 calories, I did say they were "jumbo" didn't I? So I cut it up and will have half of it with my breakfast and half of it as my afternoon snack! Yummy! I also weighed out 1 ounce of almonds....not very many almonds!....because I tend to snack on raw almonds. It was a good exercie to see with fresh eyes, how many almonds are in an ounce!

I did all this almost a year ago and enjoyed recalibrating today. I don't compulsively weigh and measure every morsel that goes into my mouth daily, but it is good to be able to accurately "eyeball" portions so you can be true to a healthy calorie estimate!

Little victories....that is what I like to celebrate!

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