Sunday, December 13, 2009

A New Way to Avoid Calories! Not Recommended for You!

Last night, we had a dinner party for our dear friend's the Chris and Sandy Good and their beautiful daughter Demi and her boyfriend. I had planned the party to try out a complete dinner of recipes I had not tried before. I was excited by the creative outlet of it all! I had been thinking about how to try all the delicious things on the menu without totally blowing my calorie count.

So, guess what! On Saturday morning I wasn't feeling very well, took my temperature and it was 102. I went straight to bed, thought about what to do about the party, because, frankly, we had already spent a great deal of money on the ingredients. so I called my Mom, who lives very near, and she agreed to come over with Dad to help my husband finish the cooking for the dinner. So, while I was upstairs in bed, the party carried on without me and I didn't ingest one single extra calorie. BTW, I heard that the she crab soup was off the charts delicious!

I think my lesson is one of those "be careful what you wish for 'cuz you just might get it!" I think I just need to relax and enjoy the season without overdoing it.

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