Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weigh? No Weigh!

The age old love affair (not!) with the scale! For a long time I managed to avoid weighing myself. I even turned around when I was weighed at the doctor's office. I associated the number on the scale with judgment and failure. When in fact....the number on the scale is simply a number on the scale. It tells us where we are on that measurement tool. It indicates a point in time. And, yes, it is a leading indicator of health. I know that people do not have to be bone thin to be healthy, but greater health does positively correlate with lower weights, in most cases.

In fact, many thin people are decidedly unhealthy, with no cardovascular health, an absence of healthful nutrition, no flexibility and lousy coping mechanisms for stress. I am not talking about them. They have their own journey if they so choose.

I guess I am still talking about me, and maybe it resonates with you. When I decided to embark on my journey, I took out the scale, dusted it off and placed it in a position of prominence in my bathroom. I had a talk with the scale (really I did) :-) and decided it represented an important partner in my plan to shed unhealthy pounds from my frame. So this health partner and I get naked at least once a week and go for in stepping on the scale!

I know many people who weigh daily. If that works for you, then do it. If not, determine a frequency that works for you and honor it. It actually becomes interesting to see the fluctuations from weigh in to weigh in. For me the numbers mostly slowly slide down. On occassion there is a slight uptick, which is good to know because it likely means an adjustment would be a good idea. Enough water? Enough sleep? Enough attention to food intake?

I have even made an appointment to get measured in a dunk tank. I am interested to see my true body fat percentage, not just what the scale says. Should be interesting. I will let you know how it goes.

So, is my scale my new BFF? Heavens no! But I have made peace with this device and actually appreciate the value it adds to my journey. BTW, I am also monitoring my waist size. Dr. Oz says that a waist size of 35 inches or below is a good health indicator. I have shed more than 10 inches from my waist measurement and it is well below 35 inches. So glad of that!

So, if you do not already incorporate weigh ins, please consider doing it. Remember the number on the scale does not define you, it is simply one way to monitor a healthful indicator.

Desire to do all you can do to be healthy. The discipline to determine your schedule and honor it. Determination to stay with your journey because you are worth it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Women Food and God

If you are one of the few people on the planet who have not yet heard about the book, Women Food and God, recently profiled on the Oprah (who else :-) ?) show, you should go out and read it or at least visit to learn about it.

For me it represents a compilation of a lot of the principles I have been working with internally. One of the main principles of the book is centered around how to learn to be present, to be in the moment, to recognze what is going on in your life...and to use that awareness to tune in to whatever deeper issues are driving you to eat when you really don't want to eat.

This awareness began emerging for me as I began my yoga practice all those years ago. One of the driving principles of yoga is to be present in your practice. Being present in my life is one of the critical success factors that has helped me achieve the success that I have had so far on my healthy journey. This is also one of the core principles from Echart Tolle's work in The Power of Now and The New Earth (also "must reads").

One of the things said recently on the Oprah show by Geneen Roth, the author of Women Food and God, is how important it is to be full of yourself. It is so common for us to hear the message - "don't be so full of yourself"! When in fact, the opposite it true - we need to become so full of ourselves that we are full to overflowing because that is when we can give the abundance to others around us! One key factor in filling ourselves up is to be present and aware and in the moment so we can more accurately be in touch with ourselves to know when we are full, metaphorically and literally!

The desire to become your best self, the dedication to learn how to be in the moment and the discipline to listen carefully and learn what it means to be truly full!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talk about INSPIRATION!!!

I had an amazing opportunity this week. In one week, I met Paula Newby Fraser (the winning-est Ironman ever in the history of the sport) AND Michellie Jones, triathlon silver medalist at the 2000 Olympics and winner of many Ironman championships including the mother of them all...Hawaii!

I have engaged Michellie to be our keynote speaker at the upcoming national Business Conference Paula's schedule was full on the day we needed) for my company and it is just so freaking awesome to meet and talk with these two iconic athletes! They really are ordinary women who had extraordinary aspirations, worked hard, and accomplished things they only dreamed possible!

In 1999, Paula set the record for the first ever sub-9 hours Ironman in Kona. It took someone (men and women) 10 years to break her record! She held that record fo 10 years! No way - WAY!!!

When Michellie took the silver in 2000, people asked her - what next? She did not know. When someone suggested competing in the Ironman competitions, she said "NO WAY, THOSE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!" She somehow decided to give it a try and engaged Paula to be her coach and went on to win! She is the perfect example of the power of coaching!

Desire to dream BIG! Dedication to do what your coach says! Discipline to do the hard work necessary to win!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Everyone in Their Own Time

I was at the gym this morning working off some of the extra calories from the 4th celebrating. I was doing a team training, which means my trainer was working with other clients at the same time. I was listening to some other women talking about how hard it is to loose weight. One woman was offering every explanation (excuse) known to explain why she hadn't lost any weight. What crossed my mind was.....that was me up until 18 months ago.

The equation is so simple that it hurts. Eat less food of the right kind and move more and our bodies will shrink. BUT - it only works when a person is ready to go on the journey of focusing on their own health and well being. It requires focus and attention.

I hope you know that it is worthwhile. We are worth it. We deserve the attention. Our health is the most important thing in our life. And let's face it, we are healthier when we are closest to our ideal weight.

I am working on my final 15. I count my blessings everyday!

The desire to focus on YOU. The dedication to give your body the fuel you need. The discipline to move your body in healthy calorie burning ways!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Do I Want to Tri?

Triathalons....they seem to be entering my world all around me. My trainer has been trying (no pun intended!) to convince me to sign up for one. She thinks that having the a goal in front of me will be a powerful piece of my journey. It helps to know that she is a 5 time Ironman and has completed tons of other competitions. She IS competitive!

One of my team members is signed up for a tri in September and thinks I should join her. Then last night I sat with another co-worker who is training for a tri and he thinks I should pursue one.

Hmmmmm.....could be interesting. The reasons I haven't jumped on the tri bandwagon are:
1. I don't see myself as competitive, although my hubbie would tell you otherwise.
2. I am not looking forward to getting kicked in the face during the swim portion.
3. The tri's that have been suggested use Mission Bay for the swim and I can't envision putting my face, let alone my whole body in that icky water!
4. I am a super strong swimmer and have no trouble biking, but am worried about injuring myself running....the joints are doing great but aren't what they once were!

Having said that, it might represent a fun shopping opportunity! Imagine finding just the right pink tank suit, pink cap and pink goggles! How about a bink bike helmet? And who wouldn't love the right pink singlet to run in?

So, what do you think? It might be worth it. I'm just not sure!

Desire to explore new options, dedication to explore all angles and the discipline to execute on decisions!