Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter and Passover!

Spiritually it is a time for celebrations plus spring is a time for renewal.  So, in addition to all of the special food celebrations that we are sure to enjoy.....why not think about what steps you are going to take to renew your body, mind and spirit this year?

I was talking to a girlfriend this morning who is ready to make some changes with an eye towards shedding 20 pounds.  She said she had seen a show about a couple who had dropped 500 pounds together.  The husband lost 300 and the wife lost 200 over a period of 2 years.  So she decided, what the heck, if they can do that, then I can let go of my 20 extra pounds.

I say "go for it"!  In fact, I am going to renew my devotion to a lower weight too. My renewal begins the day after Easter.  I will double down on my efforts and keep you updated.

Desire to renew a healthy devotion.  Dedication to helping others reach their goals.  Discipline to let go of the weight.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank You Deepak!

Do you enjoy listening to Deepak? I do. I find his voice soothing, his insights thoughtful and many of his recommendations very helpful.

Periodically, he teams up with Oprah to offer a free 21 day meditation journey. Today marks day 14 of this series. If you want to access it and catch up, just go to:

I find it very interesting that the topics for this series are: The Journey to Perfect Health, The Nature of Perfect Health, The Intuition of Your Body, The Wisdom of Your Body, The Rhythm of Your Mind-Body, The Perfection of Your Body, Honoring Your Body, Restoring Balance, Creating Balance, Breathing for Balance, Eating for Balance, Connecting for Balance, Moving for Balance and The Balance in Silence.

It is easy to see the theme weaving its way through this series.....BALANCE!!!! Balance is one of my favorite topics. I seek it in the way I live, how I breathe and in just about everything I do. Am I eating in the best way that will serve my body and mind? Am I allowing myself an occasional treat to avoid the sense of being denied? Is my nutrition in balance?

Am I exercising enough? Am I getting enough rest? Is my physical body challenged enough while giving it enough time to recover?

Am I enjoying the happiness of my life while allowing any sadness that I need to feel?

Am I challenged enough in my work to keep the best part of my brain engaged? Do I allow myself enough mental breaks to let go of the logical execution driven left brain to allow my creative right brain to stay flexible and fly free?

Please check out the daily meditation series. I predict you will really enjoy it!!!
Desire to find balance. Dedication to honor both sides of life. Discipline to include meditation in my balanced day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glorious Glorious Sunday!

Ever had one of those Sundays where it was absolute perfection?  That describes my day today!  A nice little sleep in with the most perfect husband on the planet, a nice long beach walk in Carlsbad (a few communities north of us), the skies went from overcast to brilliant sunshine during our walk exploring unfamiliar neighborhoods, followed by a yummy healthy breakfast outside overlooking the ocean, topped off by a nice long soak with the latest Coastal Living magazine and a nap.....

I am a simple person.....I love today!!!

So my glorious Sunday followed an amazing Saturday.  I had a full day planned with a dear friend who cancelled at the last minute due to illness.  So, I had a full day, after my workouts of course, open in front of me.  Believe me, that is a rarity for me.  So, at the last minute, I scooped up my Mom and we dropped in on the La Costa Spa (about 3 miles from my house) for some amazing last minute spa treatments.  AAAAHHHHHAAAA!  Afterwards, I did grocery shopping then came home and made a delicious healthy dinner for us.

What does all this have to do with my healthy journey, you might ask?  Well, this weekend I believe the universe has surrounded me with an amazing energy to pause, relax, slow down and enjoy life.

I am filled with gratitude.

Desire to just slow down sometimes.  Dedication to share the joy with others.  Discipline to recognize the opportunity to pause.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Am in Awe!......

.......of my trainer Kathi!  A huge shout out to her.  She ran the San Diego half marathon today and averaged a 9 minute mile throughout!  I can't even imagine!  She is 52 and a great inspiration.  This summer she will complete her 7th Ironman competition at the Sonoma race. 

What did you do today???

Next, great news from my doctor!  The biopsy came back and it is just a pre-cancer site.  I will not need Mohs surgery on the site!  Hurray!  They will freeze the area to get all the pre-cancer cells, and that is so much easier than the actual surgery.

My juicing continue to help heal the site fully.  This means I have lots of pulp everyday from my veges and fruits.  So, I just made my hubbie oatmeal cookies with leftover carrot and apple pulp added in to the recipe.  He says they are delicious!  Tonight I am making a meatloaf with 99% lean ground turkey and I will add in the pulp from swiss chard, spinach, celery and brocolli. 

Last week we had tomato soup with lots of the green pulp in it and it was like a deilcious vege soup.  Sprinkle a little parmesan on top and YUM-O!

Finally, for this week, I am down 7 pounds since the beginning of the year.  For me, that means I shed my holiday poundage and am now going for the next 10.  Wish me luck.

Desire to celebrate Kathi's amazing accomplishments.  Dedication to making my hubbie smile with healthy treats.  Discipline to use the pulp and not waste good nutrients.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yummy Juicy Juicing!

I had put my juicer away for quite some time.  I pulled it out Friday evening. Here's why....

 I had another biopsy on my face.  Of course, I hope it comes back as nothing.  I will know within 2 weeks time.  About 2 years ago I had a skin cancer removed from my face, right above my lip on the right side.  It wasn't the end of the world, but it was a little traumatic for usre. I am lucky because I have a very skilled board certified plastic surgeon who is also my dermatologist.  So I had excellent medical care.  Still, I am a vain woman and was not looking forward to having a bad scar.  Research tells us that the health benefits of juicing can fill a big book.  Apparently our skin reacts really well to all the nutrients packed into fresh yummy frothy organic juice.  The last time I went through this I incorporated juicing everyday and my surgeon said she had never seen anyone heal as fast and as well as I did. 

So, I am going to replace 2 of my meals with a nice big glass of freshly juiced juice.  I am going to imagine all of those delicious nutrients making a bee line right for my right eyebrow, where the biopsy was.  Lots of nutrient rich cells rushing to heal the affected site!

The Jack LaLane juicer works so well, is easy to use and easy to clean.  I hope you will join me in juicing for more health.  Let me know if you have any favorite juicing combinations  I will try them for sure!

Desire to heal well and thoroughly.  Dedication to using the juicer.  Discipline to keeping lots of fresh organic fruits and veges stocked in the crisper.