Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to NPM!

Can you believe it is October tomorrow?????  Krikey!  Where has 2012 gone????  Since tomorrow is Ocotber 1, I thought I would talk a little about NPM, known to many as National Patty Month!  My birthday is the 8th.  When we married, my hubbie said the 8th was National Patty sweet, no?  Then we discovered that one day is simply not enough, so it switched to National Patty Week and, over time, has evolved to be NPM!

Why the childish focus on my birthday, you might be asking?  Well, I am one of those rare women/people that embraces birthdays with a passion!  Simply put, I believe that having a birthday beats the crap out of not having a birthday! 

17 years ago I lost my BFF to breast cancer.  She made me promise, literally, to make a big deal about having my birthday, because she knew she was not going to have anymore.  Of course, it was wildly sad at the time, but now I honor Monica by making a big damn deal every year when October rolls around!

Clearly, aging is not for the faint of heart.  The challenge to be healthy only accelerates as the years fly by.  I once heard a comedian say that if you are over 50 (which I am) and you wake up in the morning and say that nothing hurts, you are either lying or you are dead!  Ha-ha.  (queue the drum rif in the background!) 

You need to keep monitoring caloric intake because our metabolism slows down.  You need to keep working out even more to combat the metabolism thing, even in the face of creaky joints.  You need to find ways to get a good night sleep and laugh in the face of menopause interupted sleep........and the challenges don't end there.  Nonetheless, I still LOVE my birthday. 

So during Ocotber, please join me in enjoying your workouts, eathing healthy to promote greater longevity and being good to yourself, because you are worth it!  We all are!!!!

Desire to celebrate my birthday.  Dedication to a healthy journey to generate more birthdays.  Discipline to celebrate my birthday with moderation.   

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brussel Sprouts on a Stick!!!

Brussel sprouts on a stick sounds like something deep fried at a county fair, right?  It brings to mind...corn dogs on a stick and all the other super unhealthy food that is inedible! 

Well, yesterday, my hubbie went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things on our list.  In the produce section, they were selling fresh stalks of brussel sprouts that had not yet been harvested from the "stick" or stalk it grows on.  He brought me home 2 full stalks.  I was over the moon happy!!!

While he was in Trader Joe's, I was in Jimbo's, our local organic "health food" store.  Brussel sprouts were on my list because I wanted to roast them as snacks to watch today while I watch the Emmy arrivals (yes, I am back to eating very healthy to shed my vacation jelly belly!).  Jimbo's had brussel sprouts.........are you ready.......wait for $7.99 a pound!!!!!  So, needless to say, I did not buy them.  Too rich for  my blood!

Imagine my surprise when Allen said "I bought you a present!".  And imagine my subsequent delight when he presented me with 2 stalks of fresh brussel sprouts!  Hurray.  The real back story is that he does not like brussel sprouts, so much so, that when we married, I had to promise to love, honor cherish and promise to never bring brussel sprouts (or cauliflower) into the house. (His Mom used to murder brussel sprouts and cauliflower and he is not ready to let go of those food memories.)  Over the past 25 years, we have made great strides!  Now he is buying me brussel sprouts!  YOOOO-HOOOO!

As I type this post, I have 3 trays of veges roasting in the oven - brussel sprouts, onions and butternut squash.  Not only will I have great healthy munching for the Emmy arrivals show, I willl have yummy roasted veges to go with my dinner all week long!

Desire to snack while watching a favorite TV show. Dedication to preparing something nutritious.  Discipline to get right back on the healthy eating horse.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lobstah, Lobstah, Lobstah - Get in My Belly!

I am posting from the front porch of the ocean front Beach House in Kennebunk, Maine.  It is a stunningly beautiful sunny day.  We walked into town and back, a five mile walk.  At least we had a little exercise!  We stopped for lunch and I had a cup of lobster stew which was just a milky broth loaded with lobster meat.  Then I had a lobster roll.  Ridiculously delicious!

I know I will have lots of vacation calories to work off, but this land of lobster is worth it!  It truly is something we cannot get at home!

Thank goodness for this perfect weather.  We will walk into town again for dinner, which will likely involve more lobster!  Monday we fly back to San Diego where I will embrace unlimited veges and lean protein again.  For now, I have two more days of vacation decadence to enjoy!  It has been an amazing 25th anniversary celebration.  We will not forget it!

Desire to be decadent on vacation.  Dedication to enjoying local fare.  Discipline to return to real life.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sacred Time At Sea

That is the name of the 2.5 hour spa treatment I had today. I was sugar scrubbed, soaked in a tub, painted with mud, showered then rubbed.....and every minute was pure bliss. I just wanted you to know how completely grateful I am for my life's blessings. On Wednesday, Allen and I celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss. I KNOW that he is a major reason that my healthy journey has been healthy and continues to be a blast, challenges and all.

My wish for everyone is that you find love, peace, health and happiness on your journey

Desire to share my happiness with you.  Dedication to my husband for the next 25.  Discipline to let go and enjoy.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Little Less Laboring Please

I don't know if it is the hot weather, the increased stress at work, the addition of one more weight training session a week or just too many sun spots....but I have had to drag myself to my workouts for the past couple of weeks.  My workouts have become a real drain instead of an energizer.  I don't like that feeling!  The good news is that I have, in fact, drug myself to all my workouts, meaning I have not missed any, even though I felt like missing a few!

So, perhaps it is a good thing that we are going on vacation.  I know that many experts tell us that taking a break from our normal routine can have beneficial effects.  My intention is that this vacation will give me some time away so I can return refreshed and invigorated. 

Now, you know me by now.  I will not avoid exercise while on vacation, in fact, I plan to work in something vigorous everyday.  We will be on the Cape, so lots of opportunity for beach walks and swimming abound!   Besides, I have to stay active so I can enjoy the culinary treats (lobster) that Massacheusetts offers!

My goal is to channel, Sarah, one of the members of our community.  She went on vacation and lost weight!!!!  I KNOW!!!!  If that isn't an awesome accomplishment, I don't know what is!

So feel free to send me some relaxation ju-ju.  I will accept all that comes my way!

Desire to relax and enjoy.  Dedication to stay active while on vacation.  Discipline to become Sarah and return lighter than today!