Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confessions of a Traveler

I am compelled to tell you that last night for desert I was served an awesome souffle and I ate it! I can hear you gasping....I know that sugar is like crack cocaine....BUT I have the tiniest vege terrien as an appetizer, I did sample a roll because it was olive bread and I had roast chicken (sans skin) with a side of green veges for wine! I was at a very fancy restaurant that is owned by a good friend of my good friend. The owner brought over 4 souffles for the table, 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate.....I was only trying to be polite by eating mine!

It was of those things that are so special that you HAVE to eat it. Although HP was with me and she did not have even one bite. I am so proud of her!!!! I have done the same thing may times and will do the same thing many times in the future!

But boy oh boy oh boy was it ever *&%#@&*^ GOOD!!!!!


Desire to indulge at times, dedication to make the changes around the indulgence to balance it out and discipline to get right back into your program!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello from NYC!

Sorry for the silence since my last post! I was only home on Saturday this past week and then took off on Sunday tobe inplace for MOnday meetings on the east coast.

What a whirlwind of 3 weeks straight travel! Last week I was at meetings in Toronto and Niagara FAlls. This week I am in New Jersey just across the GW bridge from NYC! Tonight we are going into NY. I am excited because I have a team member with me for whom this is her very first business trip. I want it to be memorable so I am taking her to Top of the Rock and then to dinner at the Fours Seasons restaurant. I found out it is Ina Garten's (Barefoot Contessa) favorite restaurant!

What does this have to do with my healthy journey? Well, I am pleased to report that when I weighed in on Saturday morning, I had not gained, nor lost. I am actually very pleased that I am successful staying at a stable weight with all this business travel.

Of course, I would have welcomed a miracle....actually continuing to drop weight, but I know that will come beginning next week when I go back to my new "normal" which is not travelling.

I am uber-happy to report that my BFF has shed 20 pounds! I am SO HAPPY FOR HER! It is such a powerful milestone! Congratulations HP! I love you!

Desire to stay true, dedication to stay connected to what really mattes and diecipline to keep blogging with a great group of people!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Travel IS Broadening! Literally!

Wow! In my former job, I travelled all the time. For the past 2 years, my travel has been minimal, one trip a quarter....really easy to deal with.

Last week I flew to Salt Lake to attend a consultant think tank event with Dave Ulrich in Park City. It was a great meeting and a productive trip. It was also a trip filled with FOOD!!! So it was an interesting opportunity for me to practice what I preach....desire to stay fit, dedication to my goals and discipline to do "push a-ways" from all the food.

As is typical with these sessions, there is an opportunity to literally eat all day. I made good choices and at the same time consumed more than my 1400 allotted calories. I didn't go hog wild, but I did exceed my calories.

I also managed to get in an hour of exercise each day - yay for me! There was a very good hotel gym.

So instead of the bagels for breakfast that were provided, I made myself a plate of the lox, capers and tomates and had that with a small carton of skim (had to ask for non-fat) milk for my breakfast. At lunch I built a salad out of the items on the amazing buffet feast. For dinner, I made a meal out of the appetizers instead of going out to a full dinner with folks. ( a few of us opted for this together). There were grilled chicken on a stick (I had 3) there were beautiful crab cakes (I did have a little sauce to dip them in) and there was a wonderful selection of raw vegetables which I gobbled freely. I drank sparkling water and avoided the alcohol.

The hardest part to control was when snacks were brought into the room. Fortunatley, among the ice cream, cookies, brownies piled high with chocolate bits and caramel, candy bars, M&M's (particularly hard for me to avoid - what can be wrong with such a small piece of food???), bowls of nuts (I did have some - that was actually a bad choice because they are so high in calories)......fortunately there was always also fresh fruit - which I helped myself to.

So, I did not drop a pound this week, instead I am proud of myself for using control and keeping to my exercise - even at the 7,200 altitude!

I am also travelling this week to Toronto and next week to New unusual string of weeks back to back. My goal this week is to stick closer to plan and maintain exercise.

So today, I did an hour of cardio at the gym in addition to my regular Saturday morning yoga. Tomorrow I will do 2 hours of exercise (cardio and weight lifting), because I will not be able to do a workout on Monday with the all day travel and a business dinner when I land.

Wish me luck and strength!

Desire to grow my maintenance skills, dedication to reaching my stretch stretch goal and discipline to avoid the endless food traps in my path!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Short and Sweet

Nothing feels as good as a 10 (insert your happy size) feels! I tried on a bunch today and the 10's slide right up over my hips and button/hook/zip like a charm!

I didn't loose a pound this week but I am on my way to an 8!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

65 is a Good Number!

One more pound gone for a total of 65! Both Allen and Mom are doing well and on the mend. I am finally realxing a bit because they will both soon be back to 100%.

Happy Easter weekend to everyone. I hope however you celebrate, that you make good nutrition choices. If you choose to celebrate with food, just remember to get right back to your healthy choices the next day!

Take and extra long walk after that brunch. Add 30 minutes to your cardio on Monday. Slice up extra celery and carrots tot ake to work on Monday morning.

Desire to celebrate holidays, dedication to stay true to your goals and the discipline to get right back on your program after celebrating!