Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hubby has a broken wing!

My beautiful healthy husband had an accident while racing on Sunday and has to have his right shoulder repaired by surgery tomorrow morning. He is a trooper, but is in much pain. I am looking forward to a successful surgery and a positive rehab for him!

Just one more stressor in the healthy journey. I am pleased to report that I have not skipped a workout and do not plan to do so. I take care of him, leave him propped up at home and go to the gym! He is a love and very supportive of my not missing a workout!

Also, I don't want him to gain weight while his activity is curtailed so I am being careful about his nutritional intake, which keeps me focused too!

A quick side note - on Sunday morning, right before I received his call about the accident and rushed to go pick him up, I had been at the gym taking an advanced step class followed by a weight class. I thought I would do something new to try to shake up my body again. I used to take step all the time, but it has been at least 7 years since I have done a step class. It was really fun and funny! The first 15 minutes of the class became progressively more complex until I reached a point and simply admitted I had to do my own thing because I couldn't follow the overthe top/mambo/lateral leap/aroundtheworld/wideangle combinations any more! What fun though, I plan to return to this class and keep taking it until I can master all the advanced steps again! Good news, the weight class was really easy by comparison!

The desire to try new things, dedication and discipline to give yourself room to learn and grow!!!

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