Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something Fun to Share!

I was so tickled this morning when I opened email to read a message from a friend of mine who is travelling in Asia. She, too, is fitness-minded and said that it has been tough making good food choices on her trip.

Here's is what made me laugh - she said she is always asking herself...."What would Patty eat?"

Perhaps we should make up wristbands with WWPE on them to help us all rememebr to make good food choices!

Cracking up here!!!!


  1. I was wondering if you've ever come across this website Patty - seems chock full of good info. I like how they put everything together holistically.

  2. WWPE?!!! ROLTF with ya'! .....

    Although, then again, maybe the best title for a book, evah?! ;-)