Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol - "Hip and Upscale"

Yesterday I had a fun adventure. I went with a girlfriend to a taping of American Idol. We had a GREAT time! The show attracts all kinds of humanity from soup to nuts. The "audience instructions" clearly stated the rules to get into the taping, including no heels or open toed shoes of any kind. Wear only closed toed flat shoes.

They also said no denim or any kind, no white clothing, no shorts, no logo wear and a few other rules. They suggested dressing in dark colored clothes that are "hip and upscale as if you were going out to dinner". I wore black pants, black jacket and a hot pink tank with a really cool necklace and hot pink Coach flat shoes.

So, Lorie (my adventure buddy) and I were very interested to see other people's choices. It was a hoot! OMG there was every fashion faux paus imaginable. Clearly, many of the people in the audience did not have a mirror in their home!

To be fair, there were people who looked like normal well-dressed people, many accompanied by their young children. Then there was the category of folks who you just had to glance over to see if you saw what you thought you were seeing!!! I'm talking WAY too much skin showing, way to many ripply bits exposed, ripped nylons, clothes that may have fit when they were a teen but clearly not anymore, mini skirts on people who should have had on a long flowy skirt....where are Stacey and Clinton when you need them????

What does this have to do with fitness or nutrition, you may be asking??? Well, our outer shell is what we cover in clothes and what we present to the world as ourselves. I am simply grateful that I am working on my outer shell so that I have more choices on how to cover it.

Desire to look our best, dedication to find clothes that suit us whereever we are in life and the discipline to know how to put it all together for different events in our lives!

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  1. as I started to read this blog, i thought OMG American Idol. Ok, we are all allowed a little "junk food" in our lives. But I thought, how the heck is she going to hook this into living a healthy life, eating well, etc. You did it my friend - even more proud of you (didn't think it was possible) and continue to be impressed!