Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Work!

I go back to work tomorrow after an idyllic long weekend at home. Today I have re-committed to shedding another 20 pounds this year. Then I will have reached my stretch goal!

I am happily back on plan following the intermittent holiday treats. I must say I am very pleased that I have maintained my weight even with the off plan days. I am looking forward to jump starting the shedding phase again so I plan to go heavy on the lean proteins and fresh veges for the upcoming week. To help that along, I am roasting a turkey, even as I type. This will give us lots of lean protein with minimal fuss over the week. I love cooking a turkey. Tonight we will eat turkey and roasted winter veges. Tomorrow night will be leftover turkey and salad. Tuesday will be leftover turkey stir fry with veges. Wednesday will be leftover turkey in an egg white omelet. The next weekend I will make a pot of turkey and bean soup to keep us going the following week! Lots of yummy healthy meals with very little fuss!

Yesterday I went to the White House/Black Market store and bought a darling pair of jeans (size 8 thank you) that are embellished with tons of crystals over the front pockets. They are super fun, fit like a glove and will be fun to wear as soon as they are hemmed!

Desire, dedication and discipline are working like a charm! Renewed for 2010!

God bless!

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  1. Hi Patty! Glad to see you in the blog-o-sphere. I just added your blog to my reader - looking forward to taking inspiration from you my dear! I managed to put on 25 lbs since moving to Boston - depression, then depression meds are what I mostly blame, but there is probably other stuff like age and nutrition going on too! I'm right there with you on eating right most of the time (had healthy vege soup for dinner tonight with a piece of whole wheat toast). But I struggle with sweets when I'm stressed or bored. We have jars of candy on the kitchen counter at work - 15 feet from me! My latest strategy for taming that temptation is a bet with Tom - if I eat that stuff I have to do his dog walks (early morning - I am not a morning person!) for a week. I'm so honest wiht him I'd never lie about it - so if keeps me away from that temptation. The scale hasn't budged for me despite signing up with a personal trainer (2 times per week), walking/running with my dog daily... I know I need to do more, but one would think that I'd manage to lose something! I recently found out from my doc that I was vitimin D deficient - I'm hoping that now that I'm getting a handle on that, it will help my metabolism to get going properly again.
    - Sarah T