Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Made It to 3,000!

Can you believe an entire month has gone by since I started my challenge to do 3,000 sit-ups/ab exercises in 30 days?  As I shared this with various people, I heard  comments like: "That's no big deal!" or  "That's only 100 a day, I could do that!" or "Why so few?"

What I realized is that it is very easy to say those things and quite another thing to actually execute on the vision!  For me, abs are not difficult because I have a very strong core.  HOWEVER, it is the sheer discipline of actually doing 100 per day that tried to trip me up.  I normally take one day off per week, but I realized to achieve my challenge, I needed to at least get down and do abs on that day.

Then we were travelling on 2 of the weekends, which meant the additional act of actually doing the exercises on a travel day.  On a few occasions, I skipped for whatever reason only to realize that I had to do an additional 100 the next day to catch up.  The first time I skipped and then made it up, I decided to up my daily amount to 120 so I had a few "in the bank" in case I missed another day.  But I didn't miss any more days so my actual total was quite a bit higher than 3,000.  :-)

So what?  What did I learn?  It is very easy to say I am going to do something and quite a different story to actually do it.  Because I was focused on achieving my goal, I was able to exceed my target.  I also learned I can do anything for 30 days.  A friend said to me today, "it is easy to diet, I just always quit before I am done!"  I LOVE that thought.  For me, I will never be done.  There is no finish line I will cross.  It really is all about the journey and leaning in to embrace the twists and turns on the road of life.

Isn't that true for all aspects of our lives?

Desire to embrace the journey. Dedication to keeping focus.  Disciple to pretend I am a Nike shoe and JUST DO IT!  

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  1. "Pretend to be a Nike shoe"!!! ROTFL I admire your achievement (& your strong core!) Congratulations on finishing the Patty 3000!!!