Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fit Mitt!

We were in Park City this weekend to celebrate the bat mitzvah of a friend's daughter.  We had a blast!  On Saturday afternoon, I was working out at the hotel gym.  I was next to non other than Mitt Romney!  Regardless of your political stripe, it was pretty cool to be exercising next to a major political candidate!  He was working out hard on a cross trainer.  He had ear buds in and was listening to something on his iPad.  He went strong for an hour, toweled off and left with his SS.  He was obviously very fit.  If he can fit a workout into the schedule of a Presidential campaign, then can't we all?

It was really hard to do cardio at the altitude of Park City, about 7,000 feet above sea level.  The first few minutes was a challenge and then I just kept going and made it through the hour.   My persistance paid off. 

Even though we partied this weekend, I did dance for three straight hours Saturday night.  I am sure I burned off a lot of calories, we were REALLY dancing!!!

Desire to be as fit as Mitt.  Dedication to take advantage of of every opportunity to burn calories, even dancing.  Discipline to power through challenges, like high altitude.

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