Sunday, June 17, 2012

One of My Workouts

I thought you might like to see the details of one of my workouts with Kathi.  Keep in mind that the exercises change each and every session.  Generally, she has me do a series of 4-5 exercises in a set.  I repeat each set 3 times.  I do 2 or 3 sets depending on how many exercises in each set.  Once in a while, she has me do a string of 12 exercises and just repeat that 3 times.  All of this is designed to fit into an hour, but sometimes, like yesterday morning, we run long.  Here is my workout from Monday 5/28:

First Set:
  • Kneeling on the blue side of a Bosu ball, do alternating front raises with 7.5's.  This is where you hold a weight in each hand, palm down and with a straight arm, raise the weight to shoulder height and back down, alternating one arm and then the next.  This works the front deltoids. One set = 15 reps on each arm.
  • One-leg ski hops: this one uses a machine that I call the sled.  It is the reclining leg press machine.  Kathy has me use one leg at a time and do 15 hops per leg as a set.  I put the weight stack at 35 for this one.
  • One arm tricep pull down.  Standing in front of a cable weight, grasp the handle with one hand palm down, keeping your elbow locked at your waist, pull the cable down.  At the bottom of the effort, being sure to fully engage the tricep.  I do this one at 35 lbs, 15 times each arm.
  • One leg reverse lunge with a knee up - this one is self descriptive.  15 each leg.
  • One leg squat at the cable.  Standing in front of a cable weight, stand on one leg, grasp the weight then squat as you bend forward and stand up straight again.  Now- full disclosure......I am able to do only a shallow squat, but at least I do one!
Second set:
  • Ball wall squat with a shoulder press - take a big exercise ball and place it between your back and a wall.  Hold a weight (I use 10"s) in each hand at your shoulder, palm facing away from you.  Roll on the ball as you move into a squat, the deeper the better.  As you stand back up, raise your arms overhead to a straight arm into a a shoulder press.  Do that 15 times.
  • Tricep extension overhead.  Hold a weight in your hand, I use 12.5's on this one, with your arm straight overhead, then carefully (don't bonk yourself in the head) lower the weight behind your head by bending your arm, keeping your elbow pointed to the sky.  This will isolate your tricep quite nicely.  Do 15 reps on each arm.
  • Running man for 30 seconds - run in place lifting your knees as high as they will go, as fast as you can, for 30 seconds.  A fun version of this is to use one of those big stretchy bands, tied around a pole, then step into the circle so the stretchy band is at your waist.  This will make you feel as if you are being restrained.  Then leaning into the tension of the tether, do your running man.  Yikes!  
  • Lateral leaps on the Bosu - using a Bosu with the blue side up, start with your right foot placed on the Bosu then go from side to side transitioning your feet at the top of the Bosu each time.  Do a total of 30 leaps.
  • Step ups alternating knee - on a bench or a step at height that cahllenges you but doesn't stress you, simply step up and down bringing your alternaitng knee up high between each rep.  15 each leg.
Then I did my 100 abs for the day, 25 each:
  • v-up side ball bounce - begin laying down on your back holding a weighted ball, I use a 12 lb. one.  raise your head and feet at the same time and come into a v, then bounce the ball on each side, return to laying down position.
  • ball to shin - begin by laying down on your back, holding a weighted ball overhead with straight arms.  Raise your head and one leg bringing the ball to the shin,then lay back down, repeat with alternating legs.
  • bear trap - begin by laying down on your back, at the same time raise your upper and lower body meeting in the middle.
  • reverse knee lifts - begin by laying down on your back, bend both knees and pull them into your chest as you raise your hips off the floor. 


Desire to keep my body strong.  Dedication to twice weekly strength building sessions.  Discipline to just do it.


  1. My workout was reading your workout ;-)

  2. i do much of what you describe, though the bosu is not my friend. My reverse lunges are entertaining as i have poor balance (hence my indifference towards the bosu). I have been doing my "if Patty can do 100 sit ups a day so can I!" My trouble is the belly fat - having a tough time with that.
    Proud of what you do here!

  3. Ahhhh yes, the every popular belly fat.....can't seem to loose it, can't seem to learn to love it....let's keep on fighting the good fight!!! :-)