Sunday, June 10, 2012

How About a Glass of Wine?

We went to wine country this weekend for a quick getaway.  We LOVE Paso Robles, which is considered "central coast" wine country.  It is rapidly eclipsing the better known Sonoma and Napa, in fact is is now being called "Napa South".  I am sure folks from Napa would quickly tell you otherwise!  In any case there are over 200 wineries to visit!

We spent the night at a beautiful villa at the Dunning vineyard.  It is a beautiful spot in the world. 

Being surrounded by all the wineries, made me think about how I have come to treat wine.  I do not drink wine (or any alcohol) on a "normal" day. I had decided that the extra calories were something to be saved and used on a day when I was celebrating or relaxing my intake.  I find that if I have one glass of wine, it makes me want two!  Then when I have a nice wine buzz going, I find it is easier to consume even more calories.  You can see why I restrict my alcohol consumption.

Even so, I think it is fine to have just one glass of wine, if you have the discipline to stop with one glass!  What do you do?  Do you include wine or alcoholic consumption as a normal part of your intake?  Let me know how you treat wine or alcohol as part of your healthy journey!

Desire to enjoy a glass of wine.  Dedication to explore healthy integration.  Discipine to know when to stop.

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  1. I'm impressed by your self-awareness...which ALL the great teachers say is always the first, most important part of a solution to any situation (problem)!

    And...when I'm amongst a group enjoying wine or mixed drinks, my drink of choice is Bitters in Soda Water with Lime! Tastes grown-up, looks grown-up a great digestive boost if any challenges sneak in!