Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Am Off to Miami!

What I mean is that I began the South Beach Diet.  The day after the 4th of July.  I am loving it.  It is very much aligned with what I think of as the "Patty" diet.  The first 2 weeks is the most restricted including lots of lean protiens, lots of low glycemic veges, low fat cheese, fat free cottage cheese, a few nuts, lots of water and sugar free popsicles if you want a treat.  The instructions encourage you to eat until you are full and not to bother counting calories or points or anything else.  After the induction 2 weeks, then you add in a few low glycemic fruits and grains and eat that way until you reach your goal.

My goal is to stay following this program until our trip in September to Cape Cod to celebrate our 25th anniversary!  The 2 months will fly by.

I feel really good.  I am not hungry.  The discipline is positive for me.  It is how I see results. 

So, go ahead, buy a ticket to Miami and join me on the beach, South Beach that is!

Desire to be disciplined.  Dedication to being disciplined.  Discipline to pay attention to the deisre.

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  1. Crocket or Tubbs???? With a "ticket for Miami", it had to be asked!! You Go Girl!