Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who Is Watching the Emmy's Today?

My sis and I have this thing where we watch the award shows and text each other when we like an outfit that a star is wearing. Since we live in different cities, it is a fun way to share an afternoon.

I love watching the arrivals of the Emmy's or Oscars, just to see what the stars are wearing. I am always struck by how unbelievably skinny most of the women are. Then there is the occasional "plus" size actor who is probably just a size 12. Even though it is 2010 and we are supposed to be a a more forward thinking society, there is still a massive pressure for women to be thin, not healthy, but thin.

The size of the industry to support "thin" is massive. We continue to be bombarded by countless images, including the Emmy arrivals, of super thin women presented as a positive. I even saw something on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras (no, I did not watch the whole thing) where a tiny little girl was getting spray tanned and said her Mommy taught her that if you can't tone it, tan it......WTF? A little girl being taught that??????

So, my focus today while watching the Emmy's will be to enjoy the fashion and not the unrealistic size of many of the women.

BTW, I only gained 2 pounds while on vacation and I will take it off! It was totally worth it!

Desire to be as healthy as I can be. Dedication to staying in touch with reality. Discipline to keep on track with healthy eating to fuel the machine and exercise to tone the machine!


  1. Somehow I was totally "out of the Emmy timeline loop"!! However, I was having a fabulous adventure with girlfriends...which is the same energy...different form! We walked The Bodega Seafood, Craft & Wine Festival and then walked the beach! By the time I got home, I missed the whole Red Carpet and channel surfed between Jimmy Fallon and Drop Dead Diva Finale!