Saturday, August 21, 2010

Returning to Reality

The new picture was taken off the coast of Port Douglas, Australia. Yes, that is a gold Speedo suit I am wearing! So fun!

My vacation is officially over beginning which time I will fully be back on my full program. For the final few days I am easing back into my proper eating plan and exercise routine.

When we landed on Thursday, I jumped right back into the gym for an hour of sweaty hard cardio. On Friday, I met with my trainer and had my butt appropriately was fun! This morning, I enjoyed my normal Saturday yoga. I find it very easy and comforting to jump right back into my exercise routine.

I have throttled back on the alcoholic beverages. I really enjoyed them on vacation, mostly wine and champagne, but I do not crave them on an everyday basis. I guess I am lucky for that!

What I indulged in mostly was breads, muffins, croissants and sugar. On Monday I will go back to being super careful with those foods. They are definitely my trigger foods.

All things in moderation!

Thanks to all of you, for being out there for me. It helps me to be accountable to myself and to you as I continue the journey!

Desire to be true to my healthy journey. Dedication to continuing to learn more about myself. Discipline to deal with my triggers in a healthy way!

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