Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holiday Paradise!

Great news to report! We are flying home from another spot of paradise on our planet. Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef was AMAZING! As I got dressed this morning to fly home, I pulled on my size 8 cropped pants that I wore on the flight over. I was very happy that they zipped up and buttoned quite nicely!

I have indulged in many extra vacation calories and was prepared to have these pants be tight, but they were not! Yay! In addition to the vacation treats, I swam a lot, everyday, and yesterday we walked out butts off! What a perfect exceptional vacation! I will post a new photo as soon as we have a chnace to download all the digitals!

Vacations were meant for indulgence. I will go back to my normal pattern very soon!

Desire to experience life to its fullest! Discipline to know when to let go and when to hang on! Dedication to treating yourself well, because you are worth it!

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