Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time to Enjoy and Accept

I had a revelation this weekend. I have been very focused on loosing my final 14 pounds, while rationalizing that I wasn't loosing because I was learning how to maintain. Well, after another week has passed with no weight loss. So, reassessing, I am finally ready to accept "what is" instead of what "might be".....what I mean is that I am ready to truly sit in gratitude for my accomplishments and celebrate how far I have come.

Acceptance and "being in the moment" are such simple concepts that they are easy to skip right over. And yet, embracing "what is" and learning to be in the moment of your life, is what provides so much richness to our lives!

So for now, I am fully present and completely grateful for what is. I am healthy, I am motivated to continue on my healthy journey (good nutrition choices and focused exercise) and I am surrounded by love and abundance.

What more could a girl ask for? NOTHING!

Desire to be and stay in the present. Dedication to recognition and gratitude for what is. Discipline to stay away from future focus at the expense of the present beautiful reality of life!!!

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  1. This week I especially LOVE your "discipline" definition! Of course, it all adds up to a wonderful post! I'm excited for your vacation adventures! Thanks for getting this in before flying off into the wild blue yonder!