Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

How can it be that it is Sunday morning already? This weekend is a very full weekend. Friends in from LA, brother and nephew here from NY, brother down from Ventura, niece in from Wisconson and birthday party for Dad and nephew......all jammed into one weekend. So you will understand if I don't spend too much time on this blog.

Just wanted to check in to say that in spite of all the things competing for my attention this weekend, I still managed to do an hour of cardio yesterday and my full 2 hour workout this morning, before going to the birthday party this afternoon!

Last night I served raw veges and hummus, edamame in the pod, rice crisps, grilled pork, grilled ears of corn, grilled wheat pitas and a cucumber cabbage salad. Desert was fresh pineapple from Maui, and boy was it good!!

The birthday party is serving lasagna, which I will not eat. I also will pass on the cake and ice cream. I am conserving calories for my upcoming vacation.....hurray!

Desire to have fun with family and friends. Dedication to planning food choices to avoid caloric sabotage. Discipline to include exercise no matter what the time challenges might be!


  1. Sounds likie a wonderful weekend. I have difficulty not joining in on eating when with family/friends at an event. How do you keep from diving into the eating pool? I need "eating swimmies"!

  2. It all depends.....I decide in advance if it is a meal where I am allowing myself treats. If it is, then I indulge. If not, then I eaither eat in advance or (if it is at Mom's house) I eat whatever fits my plan, such as salad and veges. I love the visual of "eating swimmies/floaties"! Very fun! I also think of eating angels who help keep me on track and block the evil eating devils from inhabiting my brain!