Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great news! I am completely healthy! I had a meeting with my doctor yesterday afternoon to reveiw recent blood work. He said that I am "too healthy" for him-YAY! All of my blood chemistry markers are super healthy. Prior to beginning my journey, a few of my blood chemistry markers had inched higher, still within the normal range but on the high side of normal. My cholesterol and blood sugar had inched higher as well as my blood pressure.

Yesterday, Doc said I had the health picture of a 35 year old, which is AWESOME, seeing as how I am 54!

This is what I was striving for when I began my journey....a healthier me, not a skinnier me. The smaller body is a nice side effect of all the work on the health picture, but for me, the true value is increased overall health! The doctor warned me that since I was so much smaller that my rate of weight loss would begin to slow. He said it is inevitable. Not having that happen would "simply deny the rules of thermodynamics"-whatever that means! I will need continued support from all family and friends to keep my desire high, my dedication strong and my discipline firmly in place!

Still, I reamin very motivated to continue reducing and building lean muscle mass.

To celebrate the wonderful news from the doctor's appointment, I went for a long walk with Allen at sunset yesterday. The horizon stayed a brilliant orange glow long after the sun had set. It was a fantastic way to celebrate good news!

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  1. sunsets are amazing! have a great turkey day tomorrow!!