Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter and Passover!

Spiritually it is a time for celebrations plus spring is a time for renewal.  So, in addition to all of the special food celebrations that we are sure to enjoy.....why not think about what steps you are going to take to renew your body, mind and spirit this year?

I was talking to a girlfriend this morning who is ready to make some changes with an eye towards shedding 20 pounds.  She said she had seen a show about a couple who had dropped 500 pounds together.  The husband lost 300 and the wife lost 200 over a period of 2 years.  So she decided, what the heck, if they can do that, then I can let go of my 20 extra pounds.

I say "go for it"!  In fact, I am going to renew my devotion to a lower weight too. My renewal begins the day after Easter.  I will double down on my efforts and keep you updated.

Desire to renew a healthy devotion.  Dedication to helping others reach their goals.  Discipline to let go of the weight.

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