Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Am in Awe!......

.......of my trainer Kathi!  A huge shout out to her.  She ran the San Diego half marathon today and averaged a 9 minute mile throughout!  I can't even imagine!  She is 52 and a great inspiration.  This summer she will complete her 7th Ironman competition at the Sonoma race. 

What did you do today???

Next, great news from my doctor!  The biopsy came back and it is just a pre-cancer site.  I will not need Mohs surgery on the site!  Hurray!  They will freeze the area to get all the pre-cancer cells, and that is so much easier than the actual surgery.

My juicing continue to help heal the site fully.  This means I have lots of pulp everyday from my veges and fruits.  So, I just made my hubbie oatmeal cookies with leftover carrot and apple pulp added in to the recipe.  He says they are delicious!  Tonight I am making a meatloaf with 99% lean ground turkey and I will add in the pulp from swiss chard, spinach, celery and brocolli. 

Last week we had tomato soup with lots of the green pulp in it and it was like a deilcious vege soup.  Sprinkle a little parmesan on top and YUM-O!

Finally, for this week, I am down 7 pounds since the beginning of the year.  For me, that means I shed my holiday poundage and am now going for the next 10.  Wish me luck.

Desire to celebrate Kathi's amazing accomplishments.  Dedication to making my hubbie smile with healthy treats.  Discipline to use the pulp and not waste good nutrients.

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