Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank You Deepak!

Do you enjoy listening to Deepak? I do. I find his voice soothing, his insights thoughtful and many of his recommendations very helpful.

Periodically, he teams up with Oprah to offer a free 21 day meditation journey. Today marks day 14 of this series. If you want to access it and catch up, just go to:

I find it very interesting that the topics for this series are: The Journey to Perfect Health, The Nature of Perfect Health, The Intuition of Your Body, The Wisdom of Your Body, The Rhythm of Your Mind-Body, The Perfection of Your Body, Honoring Your Body, Restoring Balance, Creating Balance, Breathing for Balance, Eating for Balance, Connecting for Balance, Moving for Balance and The Balance in Silence.

It is easy to see the theme weaving its way through this series.....BALANCE!!!! Balance is one of my favorite topics. I seek it in the way I live, how I breathe and in just about everything I do. Am I eating in the best way that will serve my body and mind? Am I allowing myself an occasional treat to avoid the sense of being denied? Is my nutrition in balance?

Am I exercising enough? Am I getting enough rest? Is my physical body challenged enough while giving it enough time to recover?

Am I enjoying the happiness of my life while allowing any sadness that I need to feel?

Am I challenged enough in my work to keep the best part of my brain engaged? Do I allow myself enough mental breaks to let go of the logical execution driven left brain to allow my creative right brain to stay flexible and fly free?

Please check out the daily meditation series. I predict you will really enjoy it!!!
Desire to find balance. Dedication to honor both sides of life. Discipline to include meditation in my balanced day.

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