Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls on the Run

I had an awesome experience yesterday, Saturday.  I was volunteering for an organization called Girsl on the Run San Diego.  I was asked to faciltate their annual Board meeting and I had a very impactful day!

GOTRSD is an organization that advocates for and teaches young girls self-esteem, character building and teamwork.  They do it through running programs.  I was bowled over by the passion of the Board and their commitment to helping young girls get a strong start in life.

There was a great discussion about the generational ripple effect of helping one young girl today and how she could carry the positive effects of that forward in her life to influence others.

I reflected on our healthy journey and how important it is to reach out to young girls, and boys too, to help them form healthy habits early in life that will help serve them forever. 

Desire to help young kids believe in themselves.  Dedication to doing whatever we can to help them get a good start.  Discipline to apply the same self-esteem and self- respect to ourselves.  

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  1. That ripple effect works for peers, as well! A commited, hard-working corporate trainer, volunteering during her rare off-hours, inspires me to pay-it-forward when I am able, as well!! Thanks for the inspiration!