Sunday, January 20, 2013


Mick Jagger had it all wrong when he sang - I can't get no.....satisfaction.   We can get all the satisfaction we want, all we have to do is plan for it and go get it!

Sooooo, I am dealing with tendonitis of my left elbow.  It is frustrating because, in order to heal it, I need to really limit using it.  This means my workouts are restricted to lower body cardio and weight and abs.  For at least another 2 weeks!

I am treating the injury with homeopathy and acupuncture.  Traditional medicine wants me to take anti-inflammatory drugs and even steroid shots.  No thank you.

This is all leading up to a big A-HA moment I experienced at my acupuncture appointment.  As I lay there on the table receiving the treatment, I was re-playing what had happened in the preceeding months that could have contributed to the injury.  It dawned on me that in the last 6 months I had gone from 2 weight training sessions a week to 3 a week. 

Guess what - tendonitis is generally attributed to over use......I think I did this to myself in an effort to become stronger and more fit.  So, when I am healed, I will throttle back to just 2 hours of weight training a week. 

Guess what #2 - too much of a good thing is just too much! 

Guess what #3 - I think God put this in my path to help me focus on tuning into what my body really needs, which for me is balance between working out really hard and resting very intentionally!

What do you need to tune into to help you progress on your healthy journey?

Desire to heal completely.  Dedication finding satisfaction.  Discipline to rest when needed.

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