Sunday, May 27, 2012

Betcha Can't Eat Just One!

So, yesterday, I did just that!  Maybe for the first time ever, I had one cookie and one cookie only.....hurray for me!  For me, cookies are a downfall.  Their delightful portable funsize, makes it ever so easy to pop a few into the body one right after another, right?  (I don't mean eating an entire box, just more than one.)

A few years ago, I remember speaking with a friend about portion control and he said, "just try having one".  At the time I looked at him as if he had 2 heads and came from an alien planet!  I knew the advice was sound, but the execution was challenging.  So, yesterday I prevailed!  I must admit, it feels good!

So I am issuing a challenge - if you have a desire for something that may not be "on plan", just eat ONE.  Try it, you will feel good too!

Now, here is a challenge I have issued to myself - over the next 30 days, I amchallening myself to do 3000 "sit ups".  That is on average 100 per day.  By "sit-up" I mean ab exercise, of which there are may challenging variations.  I am sure a few of them will be the standard crunch, but they will also include plank holds with outer rotation, crunches done on a big ball so you can stretch with each one into a reverse extention, balancing on your tail bone with a heavy ball bounce on either side, a shallow v-up with a 25 pound plate, and many more.  I thought it would be fun to set a goal and see if I can reach it.  Between us, I know I will!   I will report each week on my progress to the goal!  Should be fun!

Desire to work towards a new goal.  Dedication to track my progress.  Discipline to eat just one.


  1. Wow! Talk about entering Summer with a strong CORE!! I'm rootin' tootin' for ya'! Yay!

  2. Ok I did 60 "sit ups" today.

  3. I'm doing the 1000 in 10 days challenge and see how that goes. Thanks for the inspiration!