Sunday, May 13, 2012

Transformers; Transforming!

Last Wednesday, I was working with a client, Universal Studios Hollywood (yes, I know, a very cool client!)   AND I got to ride the new Transofrmers ride, which will have it's big opening next week.  It was super awesome cool and completely exceeded my expectations!  The ride lasts for more than 4 minutes, is 3D and is loaded with amazing CGI special effects.  It really is like being right in the middle of a 3D Transformers movie!  I can't recommend it enough!  If you are in the area and looking for something fun and memorable to do, DEFINITELY include it in your plans.  You will love it!

I thought it was particularly  meaningful that I rode a ride called "Transformers" right at the time that I was deciding to "transform" myself.  As I mentioned in my last post, I had been wrestling with some important decisions.  I have made a decision to make another life change.  I am going to leave my consulting practice behind (at least for now) because I have accepted a position with AMN Healthcare.  Starting tomorrow, I am their new Senior Director for Organization and Talent Development. We danced the dance of interviewing each other for the past few months and ultimately I decided to join them. 

Reasons I decided to leave behind my successful consulting practice:  AMN Healthcare contributes to improving people's lives, which is a direct purpose and value I can support.  If it had been another electronics company, I would not have even engaged them in discussion.  AMN is only 9 miles from my house - commuting is a non-issue.  The CEO of AMN was actively involved in my selection and she is a very compelling impressive executive.  My new boss is a highly respected HR exec and someone who I can continue to learn from.  The team I am inheriting is a group of great professionals.  Travel will be minimal.  I will not miss the TSA and hotel beds all that much.  :-)  The AMN campus is beautiful and 1/4 mile from a Whole Foods plus they have a big onsite gym!  All of the people I met with are involved in some kind of fitness pursuit, so I will find many like-minded people there. 

So, please join me in being happy with this latest change.  I am excited to continue my healthy journey at a new location.

Desire to transition with positive intent.  Dedication to supporting the higher corporate purpose.    Discipline to carry my healthy journey forward.

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  1. Congratulations! TMN (Totally My New Corp!) Hahahah! is LUCKY to have you on board as a Senior Director!

    ps I *heart* the second 'D'...supporting the higher corporate purpose! Perhaps because I know you will bring the *heart*!