Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stress Eating....Yikes!

I am facing some inportant life decisions.  I am very tempted to reach for something to snack on.  Instead I thought I would post a new message instead of snacking.  I am not hungry.  I had a perfectly delicious salad for lunch with a beloved former co-worker.  So, I know my stomach is not lacking.  Still, it is interesting to recognize that on an emotional level, I want to reach for food to divert my attention.

BUT I WILL NOT CAVE IN!!!  Instead, I will enjoy a working meditation by talking with you.  I will sit and allow some quiet time so I can tap into my intuitive self to help me make some important decisions.  I will drink a big glass of water.  And, then I will make the best decisions I can with an open heart and a confident mind.

I have asked myself: will food help me make my decisions?  Will food make the stress go away?  How will I feel after eating surplus food I don't really need?   

I am actually very happy that I am so in touch with myself that I can detect the signs of stress eating, get out in front of it and avoid it.  This is a big success for me on my journey.

Emotional stress eating, I think, accounts for more weight gain than any other factor.  What do you do to combat stress eating?    

Desire to make good life decisions.  Dedication to me and what I need and want.  Discipline to select healthy activities to manage emotional eating.

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