Thursday, March 1, 2012

Krikey! I'm Late!

So sorry I missed posting this past Saturday!  I was visiting a friend in Nashville and did not make the time to access the internet.  This is a dear friend that I have not seen in many years, and yet, we fell in step as if it had only been a few weeks.  Such a nice visit!

She has been on her own healthy journey.  She lost her husband (of 17 years) 2 years ago and has been raising 3 boys on her own.  It is completely understandable why she turned to food for comfort.  She chuckles at how easy it was to join her teenage boys in a bowl of ice cream at night.  Further, what a difference there is between a teenage boy's metabolism and a 40-something's metabolism.  We had so much to commiserate about.  And yet, what an awesome inspiration she is to me, and to all of us! 

One morning, she simply decided to take stock of her health and shed the weight she had added as a comfort barrier against her massive grief.  She has been very successful with my favorite strategy of good old fashioned diet and exercise.  She is 5'11" and back down to a svelte size 8.  She looks like a supermodel!!!  She feels like she has found her mojo again and may be back in the dating pool!

It made me reflect on my weight challenges and wanted to dig deeper to analyze what might still be going on inside of me.  I certainly have frequent challenges but they are "challenges" not "CHALLENGES", like the loss she had to endure. 

So, we all have to ask ourselves, what are the challenges we face that may cause us to ingest unnecessary calories.  Are they real or just a convenient excuse to indulge????  Try that question on for size and see what you come up with.  :-)

Desire to find deeper clarity.  Dedication to awesome friends.  Discipline to ask ourselves the tough questions.

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  1. How do you come up with three D's that are soooo awesome each & every post??? These three are THE BEST!!