Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fitness Thru Rugby

I am sitting here watching a rugby match (well sort of) with my hubbie.  All of the rugby players are in amazing shape!  Of course, we are watching pros, so you would expect them to be uber-fit.  It's just so much more obvious with rugby players since their uniform consists of tight jerseys and little short shorts!  So much nicer than watching basketball with the super longs "split skirts" they are calling shorts these days!
My husband is a rugby player.  He plays in a local league, mostly for fun and (what he calls) the "3rd half" (the after party).  The truth is that he is in AMAZING shape and wears the shorts well!  He is going to kill me for including that detail in my post.  :-)

He goes to practice twice a week.  Each practice is 2 hours and the games go for at least an hour on Saturdays.  In between, he goes to the gym with me. 

So, it dawned on me, all we have to do is join a team that keeps us running for 5-6 hours a week and we could all look amazing in little rugby shorts!

Desire to keep seeking. Dedication to fitness in all forms.  Discipline to try new things.

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