Friday, March 9, 2012

Feed a Cold? Starve a Fever?

I am not sure which on is right, are you?  I just know that I left work early today to come home and take a nap.  I am fighting off a cold, for the second time this year.  All I know is that I was starving, so I ate lunch before taking my nap.

Then you have to figure out if you should work out or not work out.  So, I have heard that if you have symptoms below the neck, then stay home and don't workout.  So, if I feel as good as I do now, in the morning, then I will go do my workout.

I think that the stress of the transition at work is probably what is making me more susceptible to cold germs.  March 30th will be my last day at LG and I will fully transition to my own consulting practice.  I am looking forward to working hard and also enjoying a new found freedom to flex my schedule to meet my needs instead of the needs of the corporation.  I fantasize about the possibility of doing my workout in the middle of the day of I want about a 10am yoga class????  Can't wait!!!

Desire to stay healthy.  Dedication to staying healthy.  Discipline to take care of myself to stay healthy.

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