Friday, March 23, 2012

The Heavens Parted and the Angels Wept!

Right now I am literally high on life!  I just had the most amazing experience with a new yoga teacher.  Like me, many of you believe that the universe brings us gifts as we are open and ready to receive.  BOY!  Did that just happen to me!
As you may know, next Friday is my last day at LG.  So, I am facing a significant life transition.  Things are going GREAT and I am not worried about the future, however this transition still carries with it a bucket of stress.  So, this morning, instead of going into work early (because, really, why bother at this point???) I went to a new yoga class at my favorite studio The Soul of Yoga.  The class was a Power Flow, which is a style I tend to shy away from now and gravitate to a more gentle flow.  But I was hungry for a good yoga class so I went anyway.  I met the teacher, Judy Tsuei, and explained that I would probably modify some of the asanas for my body.  She was very accepting and made me instantly feel welcome.   

Then the most WONDERFUL thing happened.  No one else showed for the class, so I was the recipient of a "private". This doesn't happen often and it was just wonderful!  Judy took a moment to connect and ask me how I was feeling in my body and tailored the class to more of a hip opener just for me.  Judy is one of those rare teachers who just oozes intuitive connection.  She was FABULOUS SPECTACULAR  and, did I mention WONDERFUL! 

I am so happy right now.  I literally feel joyful in my mind, my heart, my spirit and my body.  I know this was a gift just for me from God that came at just the right time and in the perfect package.  I know I will continue to seek out Judy as a teacher and guide.

Really, if you are ever in the area you should seek her out for a wonderful experience! She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner.  You can meet her at

Desire to transition with success.  Dedication to gratitude for all of our divine gifts.  Discipline to keep the mind and heart open to receive.

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  1. I just 'returned' from "Hawk & Lily" website...& you'll never guess who's quote is already part of it??? YOURS! Yay! Your words not only inspired me to remember miracles come everyday, in every form imaginable...they inspired your yoga teacher to share! Congratulations (on the transition, too!)