Sunday, March 4, 2012

If Perfect's What You"re Searching For......

....then just stay the same!

I love that song that is on the radio right now, and particularly that line of the song.  If only we could all embrace that concept and teach it to the upcoming generation, imagine how different the world would be! 

At Saturday's yoga class, the teacher said she was getting ready to babysit for her granddaughter, while her daughter and friend got ready for a night out together.  She said she was struck by the conversation between the 2 women, both in their 20's; both beautiful and fabulous.  The 20-somethings were talking about how much they hated their thighs, and how their hair wouldn't behave and how they wish they had larger breasts/longer legs/smaller butts.  So, Flossie, my yoga teacher, picked up her grandduaghter and said - we are going into another oom where my grandbaby won't hear all this negativity.

So, raise your right hand if you thought you were perfect in your 20"s.........not to many hands up, right?  I know, I fell victim to self-criticism, like so many of us. 

Here is what I know to be some point in the future, you will look at a photo of yourself from 10 years ago and say something like......WOW, I looked great!  10 years from now, you will do the same thing.  So, why not start today and look in the mirror, instead of a photo, and say - WOW, I look great!  So, as you are today, in this moment, foresaking any desire to change or shift - just accept and wallow in the perfection of who you are. 

Then, turn to the other people in your life and acknowledge their perfection.  Compliment and reinforce the little boys and girls who are so hungry for your love and praise.  Really instill in them their perfection. Teach them to embrace their excellence.

Whatever you focus on will expand, grow and flourish.  So, if you focus on the fact that you think you are too heavy, guess what????  If you focus on your beauty and health and perfection....guess what????

Desire to accept perfection in the now.  Dedication to empowering the next generation to embrace their excellence.  Discipline to invite positive thoughts to your universe.


  1. I love this post...because you're amazing, just the way you are! (And so are these "three D's"!!! ...........again! ;-)

  2. As are you, my wonderful seester!!!