Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

The Fourth of July is a great time to pause and celebrate our freedom that is uniquely American!  I am a vocal proud American and never cease to be amazed at how careful we are supposed to be in public in hopes of not offending anyone else.  I actually had someone say tome that they had to ask CostCo to change the wording on a cake they bought that was decorated with an American flag.  The cake had "God Bless America' written on it and they made CostCo take it off.  I was sad and amazed that there really are people who believe that way.  So, if you are a proud American, enjoy your freedom now, because it seems like things are changing, and not necessarily for the better.

But enough about that, At my workout Saturday morning, I was 55 minutes into a great sweaty workout and my back twinged.  So I paused and immediately and started  stretching.  I have been babying my back all weekend.  I skipped my workout yesterday because the muscles were so tight.  Then this morning I smacked my foot into a stone baseboard and broke the #3 toe on my left foot.  So, right now, I am icing it and skipped my workout today.  Oh well, isn't part of the journey accepting challenges that come our way and taking the time to heal?  I think so.  The comic relief of a broken toe is that my sister broke a toe about 2 weeks ago.  I really didn't mean to be a copy cat!

Desire to celebrate our freedom.  Dedication to honor the past, our present and our future.  Discipline to stop and let the body heal.


  1. Awwww...Poor baby! Yes, it does take disipline to heal. I'm happy to report that applying myself to healing my big broken toe=only one day of discomfort & several more of being careful & voila! My body (including my toes) are good to go! God bless your American Toes!;-)