Sunday, July 17, 2011

Control, Alt Delete!

So my  plan is working, yay!  By refocusing, it was sort of like hitting control, alt, delete on a computer and allowing my body to reset.  I lost a pound last week, so I am on my way.  Life if Good!

I bought a 2 gallon container of fresh organic spinach and ate it every night.  One night as a salad, one night mixed with shiratake noodles and marinara sauce, another night with lots of other veges and salmon.....super yummy and low glycemic!  That is what my body likes, low glycemic, high lean protein.  Now my challenge is to stay true to what my body needs for fuel and efficiency. 

So, this morning, I am on my way out to swim laps.  I love to swim and it is a good thing to mix up with my cardio.  It feels so good to slice through the water.  It feels sleek and sexy.  I don't do it very often because of the hassle factor.  but today is a perfect day for laps.  Allen is out of town so I can focus on just what is right for me.  Should be fun!  I hope you are doing something today that is good for you and will feed your spirit!

Desire to stay true to my body.  Dedication fun cardio.  Discipline to focus on fuel for efficiency, not emotional feeding.

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  1. "...focus on fuel for efficiency,..." Now THAT's an AHA for me! Exercising does feel better when I'm not "emotional feeding" (love that phrase, too!) Great post...congrats on your Control, Alt, Delete week!