Friday, July 2, 2010

Do I Want to Tri?

Triathalons....they seem to be entering my world all around me. My trainer has been trying (no pun intended!) to convince me to sign up for one. She thinks that having the a goal in front of me will be a powerful piece of my journey. It helps to know that she is a 5 time Ironman and has completed tons of other competitions. She IS competitive!

One of my team members is signed up for a tri in September and thinks I should join her. Then last night I sat with another co-worker who is training for a tri and he thinks I should pursue one.

Hmmmmm.....could be interesting. The reasons I haven't jumped on the tri bandwagon are:
1. I don't see myself as competitive, although my hubbie would tell you otherwise.
2. I am not looking forward to getting kicked in the face during the swim portion.
3. The tri's that have been suggested use Mission Bay for the swim and I can't envision putting my face, let alone my whole body in that icky water!
4. I am a super strong swimmer and have no trouble biking, but am worried about injuring myself running....the joints are doing great but aren't what they once were!

Having said that, it might represent a fun shopping opportunity! Imagine finding just the right pink tank suit, pink cap and pink goggles! How about a bink bike helmet? And who wouldn't love the right pink singlet to run in?

So, what do you think? It might be worth it. I'm just not sure!

Desire to explore new options, dedication to explore all angles and the discipline to execute on decisions!

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