Monday, July 5, 2010

Everyone in Their Own Time

I was at the gym this morning working off some of the extra calories from the 4th celebrating. I was doing a team training, which means my trainer was working with other clients at the same time. I was listening to some other women talking about how hard it is to loose weight. One woman was offering every explanation (excuse) known to explain why she hadn't lost any weight. What crossed my mind was.....that was me up until 18 months ago.

The equation is so simple that it hurts. Eat less food of the right kind and move more and our bodies will shrink. BUT - it only works when a person is ready to go on the journey of focusing on their own health and well being. It requires focus and attention.

I hope you know that it is worthwhile. We are worth it. We deserve the attention. Our health is the most important thing in our life. And let's face it, we are healthier when we are closest to our ideal weight.

I am working on my final 15. I count my blessings everyday!

The desire to focus on YOU. The dedication to give your body the fuel you need. The discipline to move your body in healthy calorie burning ways!


  1. I appreciate the "Ah-ha". And love the 3-D's with this post!

  2. Intellectually, not difficult to comprehend and be aware of what we need to do. Implementing can be difficult but encouraging each other is essential. Thanks for being so encouraging!!