Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Weekending!

Having a banner fun weekend! Friday night we went for a nice walk and included 2 big hills. Saturday we went to the Scottish Highland Festival and rocked out to the sound of the Wicked Tinkers - a totally fun musical band of bagpipes, drummers and a digerie do player. I know it sounds odd but it was super fun music!

Then we met friends for a special dinner at one of our favorite celebration restaurants - Vivace. The evening was awesome! I wore a dress that I bought 10 years ago. It is a white tank style linen sheath, long, with a sheer panel in the middle and a sheer panel beginning at about mini skirt level down to the lower calves. The dress finishes with a linen panel at the bottowm. so it is a dramatic dress and it was fun to wear! I enjoyed a glass of champagne and a glass of nebiollo with appetizer, pasta, main course and desert. It sounds like too many calories but I had saved up calories from earlier in the day and the portions were "tasting" portions so I actually finished the day just under 1500 calories.

This morning I did intervals during my hour of cardio (to burn extra calories) along with my hour of weight training, so I am sure my body is happy!

The desire to celebrate life, the discipline to prepare for the celebration and the dedication to happiness to allow celebrations!


  1. You're weekend sounds fantastic! And, what I imagine, is that wearing that extraordinary dress to your favorite restaurant had you feeling like a super-celeb!!! (I know you LOOKED the part!) Congrats! Yahoo!

  2. a 10 year old dress - buy a new dress dear! I know you looked fab!!

  3. Helene - didn't you know? Vintage is in!