Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talk about INSPIRATION!!!

I had an amazing opportunity this week. In one week, I met Paula Newby Fraser (the winning-est Ironman ever in the history of the sport) AND Michellie Jones, triathlon silver medalist at the 2000 Olympics and winner of many Ironman championships including the mother of them all...Hawaii!

I have engaged Michellie to be our keynote speaker at the upcoming national Business Conference Paula's schedule was full on the day we needed) for my company and it is just so freaking awesome to meet and talk with these two iconic athletes! They really are ordinary women who had extraordinary aspirations, worked hard, and accomplished things they only dreamed possible!

In 1999, Paula set the record for the first ever sub-9 hours Ironman in Kona. It took someone (men and women) 10 years to break her record! She held that record fo 10 years! No way - WAY!!!

When Michellie took the silver in 2000, people asked her - what next? She did not know. When someone suggested competing in the Ironman competitions, she said "NO WAY, THOSE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!" She somehow decided to give it a try and engaged Paula to be her coach and went on to win! She is the perfect example of the power of coaching!

Desire to dream BIG! Dedication to do what your coach says! Discipline to do the hard work necessary to win!

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