Sunday, June 6, 2010

Compliments, Compliments and More Compliments!

The reason I was in KC was to facilitate a session with one of our sales teams. I work with this group annually at their sales meeting, so it has been about a year since seeing these guys, yes, they are all men.

It was a bit overwhelming that each one (32) of them made a point to compliment my new appearance. Many of them wanted to know the "secret" to having lost weight and were terribly disappointed to learn that it was boring old fashioned tried and true "diet and exercise".

Every time one of them complimented me, I simply responded with "thank you" or "I am pleased with my progress." One guy in particular asked if I was "done". I said I still wanted to shed more weight and he said....whoa....don't get anorexic....and I said...what are Italian grandmother??? It was a funny exchange. Trust me, I am not even close to being too thin!

It was interesting to be in travel mode because there are so many food triggers and I had to be completely vigilant to avoid "triggered" eating. I was successful!

We went to a friend's wedding yesterday and I indulged in wedding cake and tasting other desserts. It was yummy! Happy to report I did not gain any weight this morning!

Desire to continue striving, dedication to loving yourself because you are worth it and the discipline to recognize and avoid food triggers!

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