Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time to Eliminate All Sugar?

So I continue to stall at my current weight. So this week I am going to try eliminating all sugar, even fresh fruit. I will concentrate on lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains and fat free dairy like milk and yogurt. I am hoping I can accomplish a breakthrough on the scale. I will let you know!

On a positive note, my trainer had me doing one-legged burpees, you know....on one leg squat down, put your hands on the ground, jump back to push up position (still on one leg) do a push up, jump forward, stand up and jump up - staying on one leg. And I could do it on both legs! I was pretty happy I was able to do it! It was hard.

What is the hardest exercise you have done lately? Any suggestions?

Desire to try new things to be successful, dedication to keeping your goals in sight and the discipline to stand strong in the face of an extended plateau!

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