Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Just returned from breakfast with Dad to celebrate Dad's day. I had juevos rancheros and asked for a non-fried tortilla, egg whites, guacamole on the side and no sour cream. Everyone at the table cracked up at how I ordered, but that is how I order things now.....THE WAY I WANT IT FOR MY BODY (damn it). And guess what - the waiter brought me my order as requested.

I gave the guacamole to my brother along with the bacon that came with and I enjoyed my egg white rancheros just as they were.

There is so much emphasis placed on food and you ever get tired of thinking about it? Or why people comment and care so much when you order something prepared in a more healthy way????

So, I am now going to do some yoga to re-center my brain, sort of like hitting a reset switch!

I hope you are enjoying your day and celebrating with or thinking about your Dad with a happy heart!

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  1. I missed your tag...perhaps: "Desire to eat exactly what I want, discipline to "give over" the parts that don't fit and the dedication to my body and health to continue my focus." With Love...