Monday, February 22, 2010

Perspective Please

My sister, Joy, is doing God's work and caring for a friend who is just home from the hospital following a double mastectomy. As I was reflecting on my last post about gaining a few pounds, I was struck by my own need to keep a perspective in my journey.

I am praying for my sister's friend-that she may have a full and complete recovery from her ordeal. Hell, let's be honest, I all I need to do is to keep losing weight! I would rather carry my burden any day of the year!!!

So, as I face this week, I am happy to report that the extra pounds fell off over the last 2 days and I am re-doubling my efforts to continue, happily and with a smile on my face and in my heart, towards reaching my 2010 goal.

Let's save our frustrations for the things that really matter in life and, instead, let's celebrate all that is right and blessed with our worlds!!!

Desire, dedication and discipline - a great perspective for sure!

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  1. Love, Love the new color/format for the blog! And thanks so much for the mention in today's entry! I'm pleased to report that my friend, JoAnn is doing AMAZING! This Friday is her first post-op check-in and we fully expect 2 of her three drains to be removed! Her pain pills are so much reduced, only once-a-day! This woman is healing her body and rockin' it!

    And, it sounds like YOU are rockin' it, too! Congratulations of shifting off the "old number" and into shedding mode, once again!